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Rules of Ramadhaan Empty Rules of Ramadhaan

Post by RiMoLei on Fri Aug 15, 2008 12:24 pm

Rules Of Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month of Muslims and the ninth month of Islamic calendar is the month of fasting for the Muslims. Ramadan is said to be the month of Allah. Fasting is supposed to be one of the five pillars (duties) of Islam, which a Muslim should follow.

Ramadan involves fasting during the daytime, saying no to food, drink, smoking and sexual activities. The importance of fasting during Ramadan is clearly known to the Muslims as it is said that:

He who fasts during Ramadan with faith and seeks his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven; he who prays during the night in Ramadan with faith and seeks his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven; and he who passes Lailat al Qadr in prayer with faith and seeks his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven.

Muslims also have to Abide certain rules and regulations associated with Ramadan. During Ramadan Muslims follow certain conditions, which are said to be Ramadan rules and regulations; some of them are given below:

Ramadan Duration
Ramadan starts with the sighting of the crescent moon (hilal) and last for a period of one month. When the hilal is visible again at the end of the month, it is the time to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr (break the fast).

Ramadan Routine
During Ramadan Muslims have meal twice a day. One before the sunrise and one after the sunset. The meal before sunrise is called the suhoor meal and the meal after the sunset is called the Iftar meal. Muslims fast during the daytime. During Ramadan Muslims spend most of their time in remembering Allah by reciting Ramadan Dua and visiting mosque. Apart from the five daily prayers they also recite Taraweeh prayer, and on Lailatul Qadr, also called as the night of power, when Muslims spend their entire night praying to Allah.

Exemptions from Ramadan
Being a Muslim it is a duty to carry out Ramadan fast, as it is one of the pillars of Islam, which every Muslim must follow. Also Ramadan is said to be the holy month for Muslims as several believes are associated with it.somehow, some of the conditions exempt some Muslims from Ramadan fast like:

# Children below twelve years.
# Muslims who are physically and mentally challenged.
# Senior Muslim citizen.
# Muslims who travel for long distances.
# Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
# Women who are menstruating.

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